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Agency Dates

Government Agency Due Dates


Illinois State Withholding: 15th of month

Federal Income Tax Withholding: 15th of month

Illinois Unemployment: 30th of month following Quarter’s end

Sales Tax

Illinois: 20th of month

City of Bloomington: 25th of month

Estimated Income Tax Payments

Personal: Illinois & Federal

1st Quarter: April 15th 

2nd Quarter: June 15th 

3rd Quarter: September 15th 

4th Quarter: January 15th

Corporate: Illinois & Federal (Must be made if tax is expected to be $500 or more for the tax year)

1st Quarter: April 15th

2nd Quarter: June 15th

3rd Quarter: September 15th

4th Quarter: December 15th​

Tax Return


Illinois & Federal: 2.5 months after years end


​Illinois & Federal: April 15th