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David L Erwin, EA

Managing Director

David has been practicing accounting and tax preparation for over 35 years.  A graduate of Midstate Business College, David values hard work and dedication, attributing his success to many hours of hard work and continuing education.

He has extensive experience representing clients through the audit process and has received 6 certificates in Auditing.  To add to his achievements, Dave has saved multiple businesses from being closed by the Internal Revenue

Service and has extensive experience representing clients through the audit process. David received his Certificate of Enrollment from the Internal Revenue Service in April 2011 and can practice in all 50 states. Dave has a contagious passion for this company and its clients. Since becoming an owner, Dave has grown this company over 300 times what it was when he started. He did it through many hours of hard work, and by paying such close attention to all of our client's needs. His dedication is what has allowed us all to be here today, and to experience such a unique place of business. He is truly the backbone of this company. Outside of work Dave can be found on the golf course or spending time with his wonderful wife.